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“Indigenous Religion and Cultural Identity in the Era of Regional Autonomy: A Case Study from Siberut, Western Indonesia.” Special issue of The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology on Communal Peace and Conflict in Indonesia: Navigating Inter-religious Boundaries, edited by Lene Pedersen.  Currently under review.

Ex-Centric Visions: Exploring Culture through Film. San Diego: Cognella Academic Publishing.  In press.

“Shamanism, Tourism, and Secrecy: Revelation and Concealment in Siberut, Western Indonesia.” Special issue of Ethnos on Primitivist Tourism, edited by Rupert Stasch. Published online 2014 , in print early 2015.

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Sakaliou: Reciprocity, Mimesis, and the Cultural Economy of Tradition in Siberut, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia. Dissertation, Department of Anthropology, University of Southern California, 2010.

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